We know we’re good, but don’t take our word for it. Take the word of our satisfied customers.

“SheSquad makes things happen. With boundless creative energy, Renee is a self-starter and entrepreneur through and through. What makes her unique, is her team’s ability to translate those skills into an enterprise setting to strategically persuade, mobilize and motivate disparate business units towards an idea or goal. Highly resourceful, and result oriented she was able to make a real impact at our bank and make Jive a dynamic, live and extremely successful collaborative environment.”

Tsvi G., CTO & Managing Director at a Fortune 50 Investment Bank



“I was facing a daunting social networking project, and needed someone whom I can trust to speak to our business leaders. I hired Renee and her team to come in and speak to the business to gather their requirements and build use cases. What I didn’t know at the time was that she was already planning the entire project! She is very capable and a great communicator as well. Will definitely work with her again.”

Ryan S., Head of Technology at an International Financial Services Firm



“As a leader, Renee is able to identify customer needs, while encouraging individual growth. She has an outstanding ability to communicate ideas and is a very forward thinker. I am always impressed by the way she could be 10-steps ahead of any project, in her forethought, which really saves time when critical deadlines need to be met. She was always able to exceed those expectations and then some. I can say that Renee, without a doubt, is an outstanding leader in the Technical Industry! Her technical skills are excellent and she takes any project to the next level no matter what the details. Renee is also personable and kind, always giving 100% plus. I highly recommend Renee for any project as she will take everything she is involved with to become a great success.”

Mark D., Managing Director of Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Sales at a Financial Services Firm



“Renee is a great asset to the team. Her passion for corporate social networking, communications and marketing is amazing, and she has the motivation to get the job done regardless of roadblocks in the way. I would recommend Renee and her team without reservation.”

Andrew S., Executive Director at a Fortune 50 Investment Bank



“Renee Schmidt has the unique ability to craft a game-changing strategy, while at the same time possesses the ability to implement and execute effective tactical programs to achieve impactful results.  A people-person with vision, drive, and industry knowledge, Renee has successfully orchestrated the foundation of social networking and collaboration in our enterprise.”

Mike M., Executive Director at a Financial Services Firm



“Renee has been an outstanding resource, going well beyond project requirements and surpassing already very high expectations. She is committed to the highest level of service.”

Eugene P., Principal & CEO at Brokerage Firm in NYC



“I’ve worked with Renee on multiple critical communications and collaboration initiatives in the financial services industry. She is a savvy leader with a proven record of driving innovation in execution oriented organizations. She was responsible for numerous solutions which optimized the performance of customers across all areas of business operations.”

Anthony G., Managing Director at a Financial Services Firm



“As social collaboration/communication moves into the mainstream, consulting firms like SheSquad are critical to its wide spread adoption and use, so real business value is achieved.”

Tony Zingale, Chairman and CEO of Jive Software



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