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Frequently featured in the media —online and in print— our founder is passionate about communication.

SheSquad has authored and widely-disseminated hundreds of blog posts on the subjects of technology, innovation, and emerging global trends. Our founder is often found in the media discussing these very subjects. Check out some of our news coverage below.

Fox Business News Live
Fox Business News Live – June 19, 2014: Mobile Industry Trends: Will Consumers Buy into Amazon’s Fire Phone?
Fox Business
Fox Business – June 6, 2014: Tips for Cleaning Up Your Digital Life
New York Post
New York Post – November 11, 2013: A Step Ahead of the Competition

Fox News Live – June 28, 2012: Has Facebook Gone Too Far?

Fox News Live – June 21, 2012: Facebook, Intimate Social Networks and Crowdfunding

Fox News Live – May 29, 2012: The Facebook Debacle

Fox News Live – November 09, 2011: Fresh Perspective on the Tech Industry
Cloud à la Carte
Fox Business – December 20, 2011: Cloud à la Carte
IBM Business Agility
IBM Business Agility – December 15, 2011: Mobile Devices and Data Security in the Cloud

Fox News Live – September 08, 2011: Mike Arrington Gets Crunched by AOL and Arianna Huffington

Fox News Live – September 03, 2011: U.S. Seeks to Block AT & T Merger – Promoting Women in the Media; Subject Matter Expert