Published below are a number of case studies from a recent long-term communications engagement within a Fortune 50 investment bank. SheSquad spent two-years working with senior executives across the firm to strengthen communications initiatives by providing strategy development, consulting, and actively creating and disseminating a vast array of content across the firm. Initially engaged to develop strategic communications from within the bank’s CTO organization, the SheSquad team went on to evangelize the use of the Jive Business Social platform at the 60,000-person financial services firm. The success of that engagement lent to a new, expanded scope of communications consulting work spanning all business areas across the firm. In the same context, SheSquad audited the firm’s communication platforms, performing a differentiation and rationalization of the bank’s enterprise content management (ECM) portfolio and subsequently creating a dynamic intranet site for firm staff to understand the diversity of the bank’s ECM tools.

Here are a few of our communications case studies:

In delivering these kind of results, SheSquad developed awareness campaigns to obtain executive and employee buy-in around communications initiatives and platform adoption, authoring and disseminating supportive content which served as the framework for dozens of unpublished case studies.

These case studies are but of a few examples of the kind of value we’ve delivered to our clients. What can we do for you? Find out by contacting us.