Based in the heart of NYC, SheSquad Communications specializes in communications consulting and coaching. We develop and write communications content and strategies for internal and external audiences, including internet, video, print, and email.

Communication is about removing space between people, leaving unity and oneness in its place. We believe getting people to be of one mind is achieved through intention, simplicity, and like a laser-beam, driving a message to the right audience, at the right time, in the right vehicle.

Whether your objective is to craft and disseminate a new message to employees or clients, or to strengthen existing communication among them, we are the strategizers and storytellers to help you do it. We approach each engagement with a unique set of guiding principles, aimed at helping our clients win.

Who We Serve

The skill of effective communication is universal; it’s for everyone. In addition to consulting, we coach businesses of all sizes on the best practices of communications, ranging from early stage companies to Fortune 50 enterprises –executive leadership, departments and teams, and through one-on-one executive coaching.

We’ve delivered results to Fortune 50 companies. We can deliver them to you.

Versed on the cutting edge of technology, we combine social, digital, print, email, internet, video, and spoken communications, holistically. Learn more about our approach and how we can help your company.