What We Do

SheSquad Communications specializes in communications consulting and coaching. We develop and write communications content and strategies for internal and external audiences, to achieve desired outcomes of our clients. Versed on the cutting edge of technology, we combine social, digital, print, email, internet, video, and spoken communications, holistically.


Strategic Consulting

Strategy creation is an iterative process of co-developing a multi-faceted communications initiative based on your desired outcomes. Using our unique set of guiding principles, we come up with a game-changing strategy, leaving you with a plan upon which your team executes.

Coaching Programs

The skill of effective communication is universal; it’s for everyone. In addition to consulting, we coach businesses of all sizes on the best practices of communications, ranging from early stage companies to Fortune 50 enterprises –executive leadership, departments and teams, and through one-on-one executive coaching.

Professional Services

Having a great plan isn’t always enough. When you need expert hands to turn strategies into realities, our professional services team has you covered. Our team has the finesse to distinguish, describe and deliver on a value proposition on time and within budget. With a proven ability to persuade, mobilize and motivate others towards an idea or goal, SheSquad delivers an organized, attention-to-detail approach, with strong tactical execution in even the most demanding of circumstances.

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