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Business Social – Reason #29: Getting More Out of Town Halls and Management Conferences


Get more out of town halls by utilizing live blogging and digital forums. During large-scale conferences, these tools can magnify the benefits of an event as well as capture information for future reference and information dissemination. Questions and answers that might have been forgotten are saved and even answered long after the meeting is over. On…[Read More]

Business Social – Reason #88: Connecting Communication From Multiple Sources


Business social is great for connecting communication from multiple sources. Linking the social network to scanned materials, emails, and other intranet sites is a great way to utilize business social’s collaborative potential, turning “one-way” information into “two-way” communication. Business social connects people, of course. However, connecting other forms of communication to the business social platform can…[Read More]

Business Social – Reason #18: Connecting People With What’s Important to Them


Business social is not only good for connecting people to other people, but also it connects communications professionals with the all-important snapshot of “now.” Water-cooler discussions become published feedback that can drive needed change and innovation. Part of the nature of business social is to connect people: people who do the same job, share the…[Read More]

Business Social – Reason #9: Easy Access to Executives and Senior Leadership


Communications between different levels of an organization is essential. Business social can create easy access to executives and senior leadership, letting them share critical feedback in quick, simple, and easy ways, endorsing good work and encouraging positive initiatives. It’s universally accepted that employees want more access to senior management and that senior management want authentic…[Read More]

Why I Don’t Jive


A handy list of reasons to counter any employees excuse for when they say “Why I Don’t Jive.” I don’t have time: Social collaboration tools aren’t just fancy workplace substitutes for Facebook and Twitter. Jive can break the vicious meeting cycle so you have MORE time in your day. Not convinced? Click here to see…[Read More]

Business Social – Reason #52: Deflecting Call Volume Through Self-Service Help Desk


Forum usage can result in deflecting call volume and greatly reduced holding times, which leave a smaller burden on support staff who can then spend more time on complicated issues.   Dedicated support communities can greatly decrease the pressure on help desks and call centers. In cases where issues aren’t urgent, users can post their issue as…[Read More]

Business Social – Reason #76: Reducing Problem Resolution Times


Building communities of practice on a business social platform makes it easy for employees to quickly gather solutions from their peers, thereby reducing problem resolution times.  Every large organization tends to contain many employees who do similar or even identical tasks, but who are poorly connected. By forming role-based communities of practice, a business social platform…[Read More]

Business Social – Reason #40: It Makes for Collaborative Newsletters


Newsletters disseminate information. Collaborative newsletters keep content fresh and connect readers, kick-starting collaboration while streamlining communication. The newsletter is an essential tool in an enterprise workplace. When employees are constantly bombarded with information and waste hours clearing inboxes of emails, packaging a week or month’s worth of updates into a single digital page enables quick…[Read More]

Business Social – Reason #68: The Perfect Collaborative Tool for Project Management


Business social collaboration tools help to organize project data quickly and efficiently, serving as the perfect collaborative tool for project management.  Currently, project managers spend an enormous amount of time collecting statuses, compiling that data into Excel or PPT, and then emailing the results to a select audience. Jive replaces much of this data harvesting…[Read More]

Business Social – Reason #13: Corporate Knowledge Retention


Looking for a compelling reason to get engaged with business social? Here’s another one: corporate knowledge retention. And here’s a perfect example of why it matters… Last week in rolling out a Jive’s theme for one of our enterprise clients, it was noted that some of the custom widgets were opening links in a new window. Essentially by…[Read More]

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Business Social – Reason #4: Breaking the Vicious Meeting Cycle


In this quick illustrated article, we look at how a business social network can replace an unending cycle of increasingly inefficient meetings with real-time collaboration and productivity. It’s difficult to work in a corporate environment and not become familiar with the Vicious Cycle of Meetings. I’ve been here less than a month, and I’m already…[Read More]

Putting an End to Business Practices that Refuse to Die: Email Trees


Why do we regularly torture ourselves with endless email trees that are branched off, creating 14 separate discussions? It drives us mad yet we find ourselves being sucked into these holes each week. Put an end to the madness! By using collaborative technologies that work for us (and not us for them), we can save time, confusion…[Read More]

Business Social – Reason #33: Locating Subject Matter Experts on the Corporate Intranet


In this article we consider the difficulties of locating subject matter experts in a corporate setting and look at several digital solutions. Despite all the FAQs, the tutorials, the walkthrough videos, the information databases, the reference resources, the troubleshooting databases, the searchable help indexes, and the advice blogs, there are still times when it’s necessary…[Read More]

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